International Awards


Shopping Center – 5, Tsakalof St.

Melathron shopping center is located on the pedestrian street Tsakalof in Kolonaki. Its operation as a shopping center started in ’88; it has an area of 1,500 sq. m.

In 1990, at the 15th European Congress of the International Council of Shopping Centers (International Council of Shopping Centers) it was awarded a prize in Helsinki for the “importance of inspired optimization of the earth” and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest and most concentrated shopping center in the world. Today it houses shops and offices.

Athens Millennium

Shopping Center – at 108-110, Hymettus & Chraemonidou & Aspasias streets, Pagkrati.

Athens Millennium Shopping Center was created at the intersection of two very busy trade streets in Pangrati, i.e., Hymettus Avenue and Chraemonidou St., following a lengthy attempt to unite seven plots. Its construction and development was made ​​by Acropole Charagionis and was completed in 1999. Over a total land surface of 2154.65 sq. meters were created 20,000 sq. meters of useful floor area that hosts shops, cafés, restaurants, 5 cinemas, Super Market and a Parking lot of 750 seats, while there is an amphitheater in the interior patio of the Centre.

The Athens Millennium was awarded a prize by the International Council of Shopping Centers in Berlin in 2000.


Shopping Complex –at 8, Kolokotroni St., Kifissia

The shopping complex Aegli, located at 8, Kolokotroni Street, in the center of Kifissia, was developed by Charagionis Group and began operating in 2000. It consists of a complex of three buildings arranged in the shape of “P” of which one is listed. The design of the complex was made ​​by the architectural team of Acropole Charagionis in collaboration with the architect A. Samaras.

Over a total usable area of 6,000 sq. meters, Aegli houses designer shops, cafés, playground and a parking lot of 250 seats.

Thanks to its thought development and its proper management, the complex was distinguished by the International Federation of Realtors (FIABCI), in the Retail class in June 2005.