Corporate Social Responsibility

Our long-term success depends on our ability to successfully fulfill our economic, social and environmental objectives. We recognize the responsibility we have towards all the stakeholders and we incorporate it in every business of ours.

1) Financial Targets

  • We are working to maintain economic prosperity and obtain a reasonable profit in an ethical and transparent manner.
  • We manage high risk issues carefully and comply with the strict rules of corporate governance
  • We create new employment opportunities and formulate conditions of high standards for our tenants

2) Social Objectives

  • We care to provide a safe, fair and healthy working environment for our employees. It is worth noting that in 2000, the central management offices emerged as the first “smoke-free” building in Greece, after gradual preparation of partners to restrict smoking in the workplace.
  • We strive to have a positive contribution to the communities in which we develop our activities.
  • We nourish a relationship of trust with our suppliers and encourage them to embrace standards of responsible business practice.
  • We support the motor sport through participation of historical cars at several events in both the Greek and international arena.
  • We promote culture by creating and maintaining theater and cinema, both in winter and summer
  • We actively support the protection of cultural heritage with regeneration of traditional buildings and comprehensive building complexes, creating value for our country.

3) Environmental Objectives

  • We respect the environment and we care about the impact of our activities on it.
  • We create bioclimatic buildings, which are friendly to man and environment, harmoniously integrated into structured surroundings.
  • We actively contribute to environmental protection through waste management by promoting solar cell systems in the Greek market for power generation.
  • We encourage all efforts for recycling and participate in the Collective Alternative Packaging Management System HERRCO (Greek Recovery Recycling Corporation).