The Retail Trade is an integral part of the Group’s history.First milestone was in 1945, when the Group’s founder, Nikiforos Th. Charagionis, set up his own confectionery at Korai Square in Piraeus, in the former offices of the German Administration. This company started out with the partner – his later wife – Irene Charagionis and with her assistance it was gradually expanded from the small store of 40 sq. m. to a complex of 1.000 sq. m.

The confectionery was named “Acropole” and became the city of Piraeus benchmark for many years. Its reputation had surpassed city limits and become known across Athens. In 1978 the complex of “Acropole” set up another shop with branded, for that time, toys. The cycle of “ACROPOLE” closed in 1988, after the Group had already focused on other activities.

The Group’s primary activity – the development and management of shopping centers and real estate – was a major factor in the re-growth of retail trade.

Retail Luxury Goods:
Charagionis Group has been since 1985 the Master Franchisee of the Italian House of luxury goods Gucci. The House’s first store was set up in Kolonaki, in the Shopping Center “Melathron” (at 5, Tsakalof St.) and soon became a reference point for all lovers of fashion and luxury.

The great revival of Gucci House, which started out in 1995, led to the strategic decision of setting up one more shop of that House in Kifissia. The second store was set up in 2001 in the Commercial Centre “Aegli” (at 8, Kolokotroni St). Finally, the now legendary shop at Kolonaki was relocated in April 2003 from the number 5 of Tsakalof Street to number 27, within a larger three-storey neoclassical building, to serve the growing demand for luxury goods.

In 2010 Charagionis Group signed a joint venture agreement with the Italian House, thus evolving the status of this extremely successful collaboration.

Today Gucci operates the boutique at Kolonaki Street, at 27, Tsakalof 27 St.

Retail Trade of Children Toys:

Recognizing the great gap in the market of the quality and creative children’s games, the Group started out a cooperation with the Spanish company IMAGINARIUM SA for the development of IMAGINARIUM shops network. In July 2005 it signed a Master Franchise and in November of the same year its first two shops were opened up.

IMAGINARIUM HELLAS was founded in 2013 with the participation of Charagionis Group, continuing the extremely successful cooperation.

The company IMAGINARIUM SA is one of the major toy retail companies worldwide. The idea of Imaginarium was conceived in 1992 in Zaragoza and ever since it was spread very quickly. Until now it operates in 33 countries in Europe, S. America, Africa, and Asia and its future plans include several more countries.

Today it has 9 stores in Greece.

After 25 years of running the franchise, Imaginarium made the descision of developing the business as a wholy owned subsidiary under the name Luxury Goods, while the Charagionis Group remains a minority partner.

Retail Fun & Lifestyle products:

Charagionis Group, from September 2009 up to the April 2015, was the exclusive franchisee of Ferrari Stores in Greece.

During that period it run the following 2 stores in Athens: a) at the intersection of Kolokotroni & Parliament House streets, b) at the intersection of 33-35 & 3rd Septemvriou streets.