Refurbishment of Listed Buildings

Since the late 1970s, Acropole Charagionis has been actively supporting the idea that listed and traditional buildings should not be destroyed, since they can be adequately functional after reconstructing their interior according to the city’s contemporary needs.

The company aims not only to economic profit by developing these buildings, but also to:

Protect the constructed environment, with respect to the architectural legacy
Upgrade traditional property development and management patterns to meet international standards and
Advertise the country on an International level, in the particular field
Some of the important redevelopments that Acropole Charagionis has completed are located in Athens, Piraeus and Kifisia, but also in other regions, particularly in Rhodes, Thessalonica and Heraclion, Crete.


LOCATION:Kriezotou 11, Kolonaki
STATUS:Under Construction est 2Q/2021
TOTAL AREA:747,94 sq.m.
PLOT AREA:246,19 sq.m.
PROFILE OF THE CENTER:Commercial building
DEVELOPER:Charagionis Group
ARCHITECTS:Charagionis Group Architectural Team

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